Asian Faeries

Gay Men’s Gathering
in the faerie tradition
January 25 to February 4, 2018


The 15th Annual Asian Faerie Gathering will be from Thursday January 25 to Sunday, February 4, 2018

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We will have a variety of options this year, to be decided as a group in our first logistical circle on the first full day of the gathering - this will be a group effort and Habibi will not be coordinating food after the 1st full day of the gathering: 1) Cook for ourselves 2) Have tasty and inexpensive local food delivered three times a day by local street food vendors 3) Go to nearby small and inexpensive restaurants. We can also continue our tradition of buying fresh seafood and grilling it in the evening. Please plan a budget of about 400THB ($11US) per day for food and snacks/water.


There are 5 bungalows at the KYY Activities Resort, each has a double bed and the owner will add one extra mattress for a 3rd person. So, each bungalow will host 3 persons. The cost per person is 500THB (US$14) per person per night or 3500THB (US$100) for the entire gathering. If you need a single room or want to share a double room with someone special, we can book you in a new guest house across the street for 800THB (US$23 or $160 for the week) per night.

Motorcycles and Bicycles:

Our host will arrange for 250THB per day. You may be able to find for 200THB per day at other suppliers on the island. You can inform our host upon arrival if you want a motorcycle. Habibi will bring two mountain bikes for everyone to use.


Please bring something to perform and/or to wear for the Talent/No Talent Show. Please bring something or a service (massage, Tarot reading, etc.) to sell in the fund-raising auction. Otherwise, bring your ideas and necessary items for workshops, playshops, beauty and spa sessions, etc.

Full Moon:

Our Full Moon party and ritual will be on Wednesday, January 31.

Meeting Point:

We will meet at the Phuket airport on Thursday, in the seating area inside just between domestic baggage claim and the door to the outside. Please book a flight that arrives before 11am to be sure you don’t miss our group vans to the boat. Call Habibi on 081-923-5410 if you are lost. We will send out detailed instructions when you register. In the meantime check our FAQ which has answers to most everything you could want to know about the gathering.


Donate: This gathering will generate neither debt or revenue for the Asian Faeries. We currently have a small surplus from previous gatherings and plan to spend approximately 25% of it on scholarships for this gathering. We plan on a fund-raising auction to raise funds for scholarships. You may also pledge a donation on the registration form. Our goal is to raise US$1000 through the auctions and donations.

Request Financial Assistance: We will award 4 partial scholarships this year to Asian, African or Middle Eastern participants who demonstrate 1) leadership in the gay community and/or 2) interest in or record of organizing faerie activities in their home country and/or 3) are from Koh Yao Yai or nearby Phuket or Krabi. See the scholarship request section on the registration form. You may request up to US$300 in scholarship for travel expenses or room/meals expenses. If you are requesting travel expenses, please provide information about your travel plans (dates, airlines, fare in USD). We only provide scholarship assistance payment after your arrival at the gathering (we cannot advance funds to purchase travel) and to those attending the entire gathering.

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